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Solid-State H.F Welder

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Product details

Power: 200KW

Frequency: 400KHZ

Application: steel pipe thickness 1-2.5mm

Solid state H.F welder is specially designed for straight seam welding. It includes Inverter output unit, DC power unit, Central unit, water-water heat exchange unit and rectifier isolation transformer.

Application: Pipe welding, including steel pipe, aluminum pipe, H-beam, and special pipe welding.


1. Simple circuit and flexible installation

2. Complete protection and easy maintenance

3. Small harmonic interference, no pollution to the power grid

4. High efficiency, power saving and less cooling water

5. Less welding spatter, good welding quality


DC Power Unit includes rectify, flight wave and control parts.

Independent current & voltage display and control system — the welder is controllable even without central control unit.

Low Ripple Fiter — Reduces AC line harmonics and DC Ripple, ensure the weld quality.

SCR Power Supply — Provides constant output power for consistent weld quality.

Rectifier Circuit — 6 pulse Retification.

Simens PLC — easy to control and diagnose.


The inverter part is made up by parallel MOSFET power transistor modules, which is easy for maintainance.

Stable DC output — enhanced by 3-phase full-controllable thyristor rectifying bridge, flight wave reactor, filter capacitor, and filter reactor. 

Independent current & voltage display and control system — the welder is controllable even without central control unit.

Compact, sealed and internally water cooled cabinet.

Automatic load matching system —  enables  the welder to run at optimum efficiency with +/- 1% frequency stability.


Installed with LCD, power and speed adjust module, the pipe line can be completely controlled by the central control unit.

Dispay and alarm — the output current and voltage of the DC power unit; armature voltage and current, excitation voltage and current of the DC speed adjust unit. 


Composition:Plate heat exchanger, water tank, pump and electrical control part.

Closed loop circulation, outer water (normal) cools down the inner water (distilled water), no scaling.

Heat exchanger fins — High efficiency of heat radiation, low cost, applicable to large power H.F equipment.

Stainless steel water pump and copper pipe — less polution of the loop.

Stainless steel water tank with level switch — easy to check water level.


It is the input rectifier part of the equipment. It reduces the input voltage from 415V to 200V to ensure stable power supply, at the same time, to insulate the power grid.

Product Application

High Frequency Welding, Medium Frequency On-line Weld Annealing, Heat Treatment and other Induction Heating Equipment, and Industrial Automation Control Devices

Production Market:

Our products are exported to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Albania, Uzbekistan, Syria, Vietnam, Greece, Nepal and Many other countries and Areas.

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